Reading & Writing Recovery

Purchasing online is for new FGA families only. If you are a returning family, please reach out to us to enroll in tutoring. 

Our teachers will get to know the student (including learning assessments) to identify gaps in learning. From there, the teacher will create a customized tutoring plan to address those gaps and help the student get back on track.

  • Examples:
    • Improve reading fluency in narrative and expository texts
    • Increase academic vocabulary
    • Refine writing organization skills
    • Improve grammar and language arts skills with grade-level in practice

Great For:

Middle and high school students who have fallen behind in English or Language Arts.

Customized Scheduling

With these tutoring sessions being one-to-one, we’re able to customize a schedule that works best for your family.


Each tutoring package is designed as 10 sessions, but you can dig deeper into the subject with 20 or 40 sessions.

Starting at: $900 for 10 personalized one-to-one sessions.