The Place for Summer Academics!

Whether your child needs to remediate or accelerate, our 100% virtual personalized programs can help bridge the gap between this school year and the next while still allowing students to enjoy their summer.

Explore our unique tutoring packages and Skill Launch Camps below.

Tutoring Packages

Students can fill learning gaps from the last school year or build a strong foundation for this year by working with tutors in our personalized environment. In our one-to-one virtual environment, students can focus and improve skills for success in the classroom and beyond. 

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Skill Launch Camps

We’re offering eight Skills Launch Camps this summer that focus on areas important for student success. Each camp includes unique content that will be personalized as a student works one-to-one with a Fusion Glopal Academy teacher/mentor or post-secondary counselor.

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Why Fusion Global Academy?

Set your child up for success with tutoring at Fusion Global Academy. Make up for learning lost this past school year or to keep your student engaged with fun, personalized options. Here’s what makes Fusion Global Academy unique:


Just one teacher and one student per tutoring session means a completely personalized experience.


Unlike typical programs with rigid schedules, we work with your family to build a schedule that fits your needs.

Subject Offerings

Beyond core offerings, we have unique subjects to engage your student.

100% Virtual

Students can attend all classes and programs virtually from anywhere in the world.

How will my child get started once I make a purchase?

Once you make your purchase you will officially be welcomed to our Fusion community with a phone call from one of our campus administrators. They will review your child’s tutoring package and finalize the schedule with you. Once the schedule is confirmed, they will ensure you have all the info and resources needed before the first session!

If you have additional questions about Fusion Global Academy before exploring our summer options you can purchase online, click the link below to connect with a member of our admissions team.

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