The Mindset Advantage

Does the thought of communicating in groups again or having a new daily rhythm feel awkward and overwhelming for your child? It’s been a tough year and some students will need additional skills for the transition back to school. The Mindset Advantage is designed to provide students with social skills, emotional tools, and ways to help maintain a focused daily balance. The teacher/mentor will build a relationship of trust and connection in a personalized environment to understand how they can best support the areas your child needs development in most.

Sessions will be completely personalized but can cover subjects including:

  • Practicing and priming social scenarios
  • Mindfulness and stress management
  • Organizing and managing priorities
  • Setting and respecting personal boundaries
  • The mind-body connection
  • Resiliency practices
  • Communication strategies
  • And more!

Great for

Middle and high school students who need additional social-emotional support or are anxious about the transition back-to-school

Customized Scheduling

With these tutoring sessions being one-to-one, we’re able to customize a schedule that works best for your family.


Each tutoring package is designed as 10 sessions, but you can dig deeper into the subject with 20 or 40 sessions.

Starting at: $850 for 10 personalized one-to-one sessions